Friday, September 19, 2008

What's My Name???

I was not really a chocolate monster. I only go for something that is not too sweet and just a few bite. In fact, I'm the kind who look at the label to check on how much cocoa percentage it has. The higher the cocoa percentage the more interested I become.
Dove Rich Dark Chocolate, 9.5-Ounce Bag (Pack of 5)
It was Mom Sallie, my mother-in-law, suggested these chocolates to Gene to sent to me while I was yet in the Philippines. She thought that I might like it. Bulls eye!!! I really do. From then on, I made sure that I have plenty on my chocolate tin can. I would still willing to try some brand though, but I'm not gonna trade them for something else. It's definitely a No-No!

Dark chocolate lover? You must try it and let me hear you exclaim; "What's my name???"

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