Sunday, October 12, 2008

Columbus Day

Image, Source: b&w film copy neg.October 13th is Columbus Day. This holiday is in homor of the explored Christopher Columbus, who first came to the New World on October 12, 1492. Since 1920, it has been an annual holiday in the United States. It was President Franklin Roosevelt who set aside this day as Columbus Day in 1937. Later, President Richard Nixon declared Columbus Day a national holiday to be celebrated on the second Monday in October.

Christopher Columbus landed in the West Indies, on an island that was called Guanahani and he later named it San Salvador, on October 12, 1942. He raises the royal banner, claiming the land for his Spanish patrons. The captains of the NiƱa and Pinta follow, carrying the banner of Ferdinand and Isabella. The crew displays a range of emotions, some searching for gold in the sand. Natives watch from behind a tree.


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HI Grace!~! Love your page!~!
Yes. I am a pastors wife, and I also work. I squeeze sewing in at the very end of my day and sometimes into the late night. I like to listen to the bible on cd while I do this. Church yesterday was awesome. Please be in prayer!~!
I need to work on the church website this week and update it with all the wonderful things that have been happening.

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This way I can look back and say, HEY? I have accomplished a lot more things than I thought I did. It's been a blast.

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