Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkin Festival

For those who were checking for my new post yesterday, I'm sorry I was not able to post one because my PC was acting strange. I decided, I will just sleep on it.

We were at Caro, yesterday for my application for state ID,( but unfortunately, my papers were not enough to qualifiy). We just missed a Pumpkin Parade that took part few minutes ago. There were pumpkins outside on most houses. Oh, by the way, I had never seen pumpkins back in the Philippines, that was why I was so fascinated looking at those pumpkins all around.

In America, nothing is more emblematic of autumn than pumpkins. So what could be more autumnal than visiting a pumpkin festival in the nation's heartland?

The annual Circleville Pumpkin Show is the oldest and largest food festival in Ohio, dating back to 1903 and drawing crowds of up to half a million people. It begins on the third Wednesday of October and runs through Saturday -- that's the 16th through the 19th this year.

What do you do with the pumpkins?
Give it a face using cut-out shapes.
* Use the seeds to
Make a Mosaic
* Make pumpkin pie muffins
* Measure the circumference with string and find something else that is the same length or height as your pumpkin's circumference.

* Count the seeds in one pumpkin then bake and eat the seeds
* Hollow out the center, eat the seeds, and then use the hollow for a vase for fall flowers (mums look nice).
* Pumpkin Carving

The big pumpkins, however, are not edible because too many chemicals are used to grow them. Pumped up with pumpkin put at 1,878 pounds and counting, Sharon grower stakes hopes on a world record.Steve Connolly is the proud grower of a 1,878-pound giant pumpkin at his home in Sharon, Mass. His pumpkin, if it makes it to competition, it's likely to break the record. The pumpkin is growing 11 pounds per day and had a circumference of 198 inches on Thursday. Check out some more giant pumpkins from New England and even around the world.


lili said...

ola obrigado pela visita bjus t+

niar said...

I can imagine how nice to see pumpkin parade.
Indonesia never do it.
nice to know you can see pumpkin parade again in US.
have a great day grace..