Thursday, November 27, 2008

The 3 F's of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a custom of family dinner. Americans follows the custom of family dinner and reunion religiously every year. Distances don't really matter as relatives drive down to be with their family. Feasts are usually held at home.

"Do you know the 3 F's of Thanksgiving Day in our family?", my husband asked me. Of course, I answered "I don't know."

Food- It is a whole afternoon of indulging in foods. Turkey is always the star of the season. There are desserts, too.

Family- It is the time of the year that family member and relatives
gather in the house. Spending the
whole day just having a talk. Special guest drop by and spend some time talking, too. It is a time of sweet family bonding.
Football- This game has been the part of their family tradition. Watching their favorite team.


the donG said...

wow! happy thanksgiving. the three Fs is cool!

Rio said...

happy thanksgiving..=}

Share my point of view... said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. I've always been confused when someone mentioned 'football' but it turns out to be rugby. ;)

Peggy said...

Blessings Grace!!! Thank you for coming over for a visit with me!
WOW! You've learned well what a FEAST of Thanksgiving includes:
Food, Family & Friends...Fellowship
Football??? Forever Fabulous...but he Forgot the main for FAITH

It is a time of giving THANKS! No F
except for having FAITH in a GOD that provides as we obey & seek & ask according to His Way & Word! God is so good! And your FOTOS are I guess FOTOS should be included! Thank you again for sharing your time to bless me. Hope we cross paths again!

I'd love to read more of your telling of God's Amazing Grace, I guess we share that...May God bring you more blessings & aMazing Grace!

niar said...

happy thanksgiving Grace..

Denise said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear.

addyforest said...

Happy thanksgiving..Great description of what really a thanksgiving is

vhing said...

wow!! happy thanks giving and that means 3F's was. have a nice weekend.

Aldhis said...

Happy thanksgiving, Grace.

I think in Indonesia we have "Lebaran" when all families from Jakarta went back to their hometown. It's quite good because Jakarta has no traffic at those time. :P

Friendz said...

Happy Thanksgiving! have a nice day.

Rajesh said...

wow! happy thanksgiving.....nice description of what really a thanksgiving is

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

happy thanksgiving to you! I stumbled your question on why google sent PIN to us? it's because they want to see if our address is correct and there won't be a problem sending the payment check in the future. I prefer cashing out through western union though. much faster and much more hassle free !

Jennifer said...

Hope you had a great thanksgiving!!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

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