Thursday, December 4, 2008

Attention: Bloggers

I was about to publish my composed post, when all of a sudden, the screen told me that there was an error. Well, I decided to go back to my composed post, but... What happened? I can't view that post at all. I can't even view my old post any more.

That was the first time I had encountered problems like this. Panic enveloped me. Did I lost my old post???

Anybody who has encountered this, too?

So, for the mean time, this is their instruction.
"If you log in on your blog, u can 'solve' this problem temporarily by publising a new post and change the number of posts showing on ur blog to 1 if ur 'trouble' post was the latest. If u post 2 new articles, u can change it to 2, and so on ..."

Another one added;
"I have run into errors like this in the past. They're usually solved within a day or two. No need to switch your blog, but the waiting stinks!!!"

There were at least 20 bloggers who had the same problem that I have on the same time, too. I hope this will be solve very soon. I'm sad... :(

And this is my situation now, I can't post my article all that are beyond "International Hug Day".

I was reading through hundreds of bloggers with the same problems I had, and I stumbled upon "debauchee".

This is the instruction:
"I found that if you click the little box at the left, then go up to Label Actions (just below where it says 'NEW POST') & click on the little down arrow then on delete, it solves the problem by removing the broken post."

You will surely feel the risk in doing so like I had, but I'm glad I did anyway. It works! Thank you very much, "debauchee".


Share my point of view... said...

Hey, Grace! I've been trying to visit your blog since yesterday and I was greeted by an error message. I'm glad to see that it had been fixed. ;)

Aldhis said...

I came when I see your comment in my post but it seems it a little bit too late (it's office hour in Indonesia now)... sorry
However, I'm glad you could solve the problem. I never encounter the same problem with you, but if I ever have to, I'll know where to search to solve it. :)

M.M. said...

It worked, error was fixed it by deleting the broken post. Thank You!!

Rummel said...

Are you saying to delete the post itself. I need to post to 12-4-08.I am not understand the fix. HELLLPPPP!

Emma and Jackson's Mom said...

When I click on "Label Actions" I don't have a choice to delete anything. Bummer. :( I really don't want to wait until it's fixed.

Jennifer said...

Thank You For Your help it works now. To answer others questions, you need to check the box of the post that caused the problem and then delete that post. Believe me it is worth it!

Rummel said...

I did that and the made a new post and it did it again.... I don't know what I'm doing wrong

Rummel said...

Oh, I had to delete two posts before it worked. Ok, thanks!

Daniel Ng said...

I am happy your problem solved, you scared me when i receive your massage, i though someone kidnapped you:P

reanaclaire said...

i wanted to change my adsense ads from the middle to the sidebar..but i cant seem to change it..i kept getting the error bm-x something.. have u encountered this before?