Monday, December 29, 2008

I am a proud member of "The World Of Filipinas"

Here is a website that has helped a lot of Filipinos in almost everything. The World of Filipinas. Truth to tell, I am on of them that was helped a lot. This website have thousands of forums in variety topics. You can also start your own forum. You will meet a lot of people there, not only friendly Filipinas, but also some other country's nationals.
It was my husband who first found this website, reviewed it and shared it to me. Actually, he found this shortly after we met on online domino. He wanted to know more about Filipinas, and this was where the surfing led him to be. Through this website, he learned a lot about Filipina traits and characteristics. It was on this website that he had the idea of the Philippines that he wanted to visit.
WOF (short for The World of Filipinas) members were the channel of many very useful information we got for my VISA application, US embassy interviews, SLMC appointment, and even finding a safe and cheap hotel to stay in Manila while I was there for my interview. WOF has really helped me a lot. Even now that I am here in Michigan, WOF is still there in every little questions that I had. In WOF, we are a family there.
In fact, WOF members were the ones who inspired me to blog. And I realized, blogging has become one of the most important task in my life. Thank you very much, fellow WOF members. I am a proud member of "The World of Filipinas." Visit their website and explore...


Chris said...

Hi Grace. Great Post! Sorry about not having a place to comment on "Prayer". I've fixed the problem. Happy New Year!

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New Year 2009 – New Task, New Challenge, New…?

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Hey, great post.
Happy New Year.

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