Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Love Story of Joseph and Mary

Here is the book that I had read few years ago. This book is about the story of Mary and Joseph. Every page are filled with excitement. I wish I could give the exact story, but I will just share to you as what my memory can serve me.

Mary, daughter of Hannah was pledged to be married to Joseph, son of Jacob. Mary has just reached her puberty age when they were arranged for marriage. Joseph, being a carpenter, was a strong man that many ladies, including Mary herself, was desiring to be his wife. The date was set, and Mary was so excited about their upcoming wedding. All of her friends envied a lot about it. Mary giggled every time her friends talked about it.

Joseph was excited, too. He found Mary very attractive and charming. They had known each other since they were kids. Their family were close, so he practically known Mary in many ways.

One night, Joseph was sleeping, an angel of the Lord appeared on his dream. He was told that Mary is conceiving through the Holy Spirit. Joseph got up, was thinking deeply on what he should do. Joseph, who belonged to a respected and righteous family, came up with a decision to marry Mary and get a divorce as soon as possible.

And on the night of their wedding, Joseph planned to escape and leave Mary for good. In that way, Joseph thought that he was saving Mary from public disgrace, because backing out from the wedding arrangement will cause greater shame to Mary and her entire family, especially if they will know that Mary was conceiving, and not of Joseph.

But the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph again, and told him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife, because the baby that is in Mary's womb is from the Holy Spirit. He was told that he is to name the son, Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.

Joseph took Mary home with him as commanded by the angel. But he had no union with Mary until she gave birth to a son. And they name him Jesus. Then they start living as husband and wife, and had many more children. Joseph and Mary was living happily ever after.

Merry Christmas To All
Of course, this is just a summary of the novel. For those who are interested on this book, you can find it at


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