Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tapioca Pearl

I was sad this morning because we were not able to go to church because of the blizzard. We supposed to have a Pot Luck after the service, and I had prepared something last night to bring with us, that made me get to sleep at almost 4:00 a.m.
Dad and Mom was supposed to be with us, too. I could have said that it was a very fine Sunday, because I had been looking forward for a Sunday that Dad and Mom will go with us to church. It is not all Sundays that Mom can be able to go with us because she get to work on some Sundays. Well, there will still be next Sundays to come.
What I prepared last night was a Tapioca Pearl. Why it took me that long because at first, I was not so sure of what I was doing. I mean, the Tapioca Pearl that I had bought from an Asian Store was different from what I used to in the Philippines. There was no instruction on how to cook it, if I need to pre-soak it... and for how long... Anyways, I still pre-soaked it for 4 hours and then, brought it to boil in a big pot. After boiling for 15 minutes, I turned it off and set it to cool down. But I noticed something, they're sticking together. It was not supposed to be. That was where I started to doubt what I was doing. So, I left it, and look for help online. I was not able to find what I was looking, but something puff up to my mind that made me realized on what to do with my Tapioca Pearl. After almost two hours, it was done. And I could say, it was good.
I wish I could have all of you taste my Tapioca Pearl. :)


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Share my point of view... said...

Mail them to us! haha =D

Mrs. Kristy Rowell said...

Wow Grace, that looks so yummy! I wish I could take a taste of it myself.
I'm so sorry that you didn't get to go to Church with your Dad and Mom Sunday. I will pray that God opens a door for your Mom to be off of work so she can be able to Worship at church with you!

Merry Christmas to you too, Cyber Friend!

Denise said...

Sounds yummy.

vhing said...

WOW!!!TSALAP!!! 2 big bowl pls. via email...he he he he..

Nance said...

Hi Grace,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I will link yours, if you don't mind?
I use instant tapioca as thickening for fruit pies. For the kind you buy at Asian stores, let your water boil before adding your tapioca and simmer it until there is just a tiny white "dot" in the middle of the pearl or when it becomes transparent. I love tapioca (sago) drink!