Friday, January 16, 2009

Electric Blanket

Last night was -6 degrees here. The weather man says this winter was colder than it had been in the past years and it will possibly get colder in the next few days, too. My ear's ringing (tinnitus) get worse. It didn't stop for a couple of days already. It is really uncomfortable for me.
My mom-in-law lend me her electric blanket. It was very helpful. I had a sound sleep last night.
It leaves me wondering why it is so cold here while in the other country is hot. It is so unfair. But the sight of snow all around is neat though. It is very beautiful.

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Denise said...

I need one of those sweetie.

Daniel Ng said...

Hey Grace, you are right, we always complaints here why our country so hot and we never have the snow but we should thanks god to give us such a good weather here.

Hope that you will have a good sleep with this blanket.


I sure could use that blanket about now! it was -17 this am and they closed school. Right now it is -4. It has warmed up some but not alot. The pipe in the kitchen froze and we even have a heater coil on our pipes! How are you guys doing??
I always look for cupid/angel like figurines at garage sales and second hand stores. I like the ones that have musical instruments. I even got some old "tent revival" song books from 1890's and set them with my cupid angels.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

An electric blanket makes almost everything better at night. My husband just got me one for Christmas and it has literally changed my world. Most nights now, I can't wait to jump into bed and feel its toasty goodness.

Wonderful of you to check out our blog. Any friend of Tammy's is a friend of ours. :)


Merryn said...

wow.. electric blankets!i need an electric blanket that give me coolness instead of warmth! :)