Monday, January 26, 2009


It is Recommendation Monday once again. I am so excited because few days ago, I already have in my mind to whose blog I will recommend today and give this award as well.
Mamacrafty is an awesome quilter. Her works just really fascinates me and her other friends. She joined a quilt contest and everybody was so sure that she will win because of her extra ordinary style and designs of her quilting work. And she did! Mamacrafty is one of my first few blogger friends during my early days in blogging, and presently, we still regularly exchange visits. She lives here in Michigan and I really. really wish to visit her someday. I wish to see her work room that I am in awe very much.
In speaking of recommending a blog, I would like to invite you to visit It talks about super affiliate . This blog is about personal take on social media and super affiliate marketing. What is affiliate? It is a referral program that pays you if some transaction was done through your blog. A proper advertiser affiliate tracking url should be provided.


ghee said...

I noticed that you post everyday?wow!
Congratulations to Mamacrafty.Thats a pretty cool award!

BTW,Moon ring happened last month...I dont remember the exact date..probabaly mid Dec.

Denise said...

Great choice.

dodong flores said...

Uy, kanindot sa award!

Kaswerte baya ni Mamacrafty :)

GAGAY said...

hello! dropping by!


Gail W. said...

Hi Grace - thanks for coming by my place in the blogosphere; you are always welcome! I enjoyed visiting you today. I'm sorry to hear about your hearing and tinnitus problems. I am a nurse, so I deal with physical matters a lot. I understand your concerns about becoming dependent on a hearing aide. My philosophy is that I wear glasses because it lets me enjoy God's creation more than I could without them. If you try the hearing aide, it is something you can choose to use or not use on any given day. Just a thought! Stop by again soon if you can:)

Eduardo said...

Mommy loves quilts!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Mari said...

Mamacrafty must be good, otherwise you'll not recommend her. I'll hop to her pronto!!!

dede said...

Morning Grace, i was here today, i can see the traffic in your blog, its increased.


WOW!~! I am over whelmed with gratitude! Thank-you ever so much Grace for the award!
As soon as things settle down here and the weather turns nice. I will gladly have you visit any time!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Congratulations to Mamma Crafty. She does do beautiful work. It's not suprising that she won the quilting contest. Her patterns are unique and beautiful. What an excellant choice. You're such a sweet person Grace.