Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There is a part of our brain that stores emotional memories that is intricately linked with smell. As a result, if you ever noticed, there are some scents or aroma that reminds us of a past experiences and can flood us with the same long-ago feelings.
A lot of times, when I smell something familar, it instantly made me either happy or sad. Sometimes I can't remember right away the scent and how it relates to my past, but it is quite fun digging the story behind the scent.
Sure there are good smells and bad smells, but did you know that scents can also be happy or sad?


Denise said...

Very interesting.

annie kelleher said...

oooh yeah... elizabeth arden's blue grass is the scent i was wearing when i met my first boyfriend... i got a whiff of that the other day and WHAM!!! i was 15 again!!!!

ghee said...

yeah....smell brings us into a nostalgic mode...happy or sad...

though,i cudnt smell "Manila" here in Japan,haha!but the food,yes!!they remind me a lot...

dropping by again.. :)