Monday, February 16, 2009

Beth And I On Their Local Paper

I will be talking about our deceased dear friend Beth again in memory of her death anniversary. There was a chance that she was interviewed by one of their local news reporter. This is the paper, but the information was not accurate. But being on the paper was exciting enough, not to mention, it was on the front page.
Local woman brings high-flying fun to children in the Philippines

July 29, 2007

Back in her 20s when Defiance native Beth (Wichman) Lirot would travel to the Far East she did so for the love of adventure.
"Asia has always struck me as an exotic place," says the former waitress-dancer who first took off on her own at age 19 for Japan and ended up staying there for six months.
"I liked the food, the culture, the people and just felt right at home."
Lirot didn't stop there. She ventured onto Taiwan, Hong Kong and made several return trips to Japan where she says she met and made friends easily but lost touch with them over time.
Then a couple years ago while she was surfing the Internet to play dominoes she met 34-year-old Grace Closas, who introduced herself as being from Mactan Cebu, the Philippines.
"She just happened to pop on the screen one night. We started talking and began meeting to play dominoes. Over the years we became real good friends." read more...


Denise said...

God bless her beautiful soul.

annie kelleher said...

aw, what a great tribute. i lost my Best Friend a few years ago to cancer. i miss her still.

Filipina Stories said...

awesome story! grace kahit sa internet alang imposible god bless those who believe in him what a wonderful story. I will post this on my blogs soon. Anyway i will add your link in my pinay stories website thanks for sharing.