Friday, February 20, 2009

Jerrie Still Drums At 91 Years Old

Who says that old age will stop you from being productive especially in the world of entertainment? Jerrie Thill is a 91 years old female drummer/vocalist and she still rocks! Isn’t it amazing? Along with her oxygen tank, you can see the fiery and enthusiasm in her performance. Jerri has played with countless bands over the years starting in the 1940’s. Through the years she has attracted many fans but few realize what a remarkable musical career she has experienced during her lifetime. Her newest music video “Hey Jerri”, featuring with Allee Willis , outbursted on YouTube and became the 79th most viewed video in the world on its first day of release.

The music video “Hey Jerrie” is full of fun and is dedicated to Jerrie Thill herself. It shows that Jerrie Thill, 91 years old, still drumming after all these years. It is a collection of her past performances from early 40’s to the present time. This semi-animated music video stated how many years she has been in the world of entertainment and how she gradually changed physically. But one thing that didn’t change, it is her love in music, especially in drumming. If you feel down right now, watch this music video. It guarantees to bring smile both on your face and heart.


Beth in NC said...

That was SO COOL. lol I loved it! I also loved the way the made the old pictures come to life. So neat! Wouldn't it be fun to do that with your old pictures?

What a neat lady!

vhingF said...

need to do it of being who they are gives them a refreshing mind and happiness to the rest of their lives.

Denise said...

That is so awesome.