Friday, February 27, 2009

Restore Your Hair

My friend’s husband is only 33 years old and one of his major inferiority is his baldness. You can’t just guess how old he is because of that. What I mean is, he looks older than he actually is. He used to tell everybody, “It’s the genes.” He had been trying several kinds of hair growing solutions, but none of them resulted as how he would like it to. He doesn’t mind that too much and my friend loves him for what he is, but the only thing that matter is, it affects his career since he is in the field of public relation.
Talking about Hair Loss problem, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is a non-profit medical association of over 700 physicians specializing in Alopecia and hair loss. They provide education regarding hair transplant and surgery. According to this website, it is estimated that 35 million men in the USA are affected by Male hair loss and most of them are genetic. But the good news is they have different kind of solutions that suits your preferences. They even have a “do-it-yourself-products” Hair loss treatmentsuch as creams, ointments, nutrition supplements and other very effective cures that promise to stop hair loss and start them to regrow. Visit their website and learn more about these things.


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.

Cairo Typ0 said...

Hubby is going bald. I keep telling him that two of the men on my "list" are bald: Taye Diggs and Captain Picard but he still feels weird about it. Men are so cute! LOL