Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Dream Day

According to and, March 11th is a Dream Day! Though they doesn't explain as how it is so, but there's nothing wrong celebrating it.
So, catch a snooze, snuggle in your favorite couch or hammock whenever you want and lose yourself in the dream world or stay awake and let your imagination go wild!
I believe, God gave us the ability to dream in order to pursue a good life for our future, but above all, let us always remember that it is God's soveriegn power who arranged them for us.


Denise said...

Sweet, sweet dreams my friend.

payatot said...

akalain mo yon? pati pala panaginip may araw pa talaga ano? happy dream day grace....


I just found your blog and I gotta say it is amazing! And colorful! ;) Keep up the good posts!