Tuesday, March 10, 2009

High School Days

We heard a lot of people says that high school days was one of the most memorable stage of our lives. I strongly agree on that. It was during high school that I felt the first spark of sense of independence within me. It was during high school that I started to develop the sense of “teamworking” among friends. It was during high school that I found out on what subjects I was on my best, and they were C.A. English and C.A. Filipino. One of my favorite assignments was the theme writing. I just love to express my mind.
Talking about high school days, I had always wish that one day will come that high school reunions of our class will be called upon. I would really see to it that I will be there. Although some of them I still have in touch with, but majority of them just went off not hearing anything from them anymore. I am so eager to know how each of our individual lives had been going on since that “big day”, high school graduation.


Denise said...

I sure remember my high school days, lol

Debbie said...

I was so ready to leave high school. I have gone back to two reunions though.

Sandi said...

I did not care for my high school days at all. Well that is till 1/2 though my senior when I met this guy who is now my hubby