Monday, March 9, 2009

Josh Lee's "Dollar for a Smile"

Oh I know, this is a bit late. It is almost Tuesday, but as they say, "It is better late than never." Well, few days ago, I already know that today I will be recommending this blog because his blog is exceptionally special. The blog I will recommend today is;
Josh Lee's "Dollar for a Smile". Josh Lee had been my blogger friend a couple of months ago, but somehow, he was busy that he stopped blogging for a while. Just a couple of weeks ago, he visited me again and I am so happy to see him back. He is a Christian and he got a new blog that I find impressive and that was why I had decided to recommend him today. If you visit his blog, you might find only one post that has been awhile, it's because that is his new blog, but what catches my attention was the very first post.

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Thanks for sharing.