Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When Is The Best Time?

I have been married for eight months now but unfortunately, we never had any luck getting pregnant. I heard a lot of conversation about the best time to conceive, ovulation and such things like that but I really didn’t understand them. Of course, this kind of lesson was conducted to us during our high school health class, but obviously I was not paying attention to it and that’s why I didn’t remember at all what was taught to us. Getting pregnant sounds like easy, but now I realized it is not.
Pregnancy.HealthGuru.com is the perfect website to go in order to get proper answers for all of my questions regarding this matter. I learned that the more you stressed out in getting pregnant the lesser the chance of it to happen. It requires a little bit of relaxation. On top of proper timing, there are also few important practices that will significantly boost the odds of conceiving. This website offers the most comprehensive video library, facts and information that will walk us through all of the best ways to help achieve successful pregnancy . Start by taking multivitamin that contains selenium, zinc and folic acid, each of which is essential for sperm production. Exercise plays an important role in improving sperm’s motility, too. Hmm, sounds like I learned a lot already. Let’s see what will happen then.


Denise said...

You will be a great mom one day.

Sit-N-Chat said...

This brings back memories. We were married 5 years before we became pregnant and my folks were married 13 years!!! I remember how badly we wanted a baby. Finally, we had a boy, two years later-a girl and 4 years after that-another boy. I think relaxing and not worrying about it is important but i know it isn't easy. I will pray for you and for your heart's desire. It will happen.


Daphine said...

It'll happen in the Lord's time. Hang in there and continue to seek the Lord on it.

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Debbie said...

Good luck!