Friday, April 3, 2009

Chicks & Chris

I would like to introduce to you these kids, Chicks and Chris. Chicks is my niece, whose real name is Zennie Ray, while Chris, my nephew, whose real name is Christian Rey. Both of them grew up with me as their nanny, especially Chris. Some of my friends suspected that Chris was my son without a father. That sounds disgraceful, but I welcomed them with smile. We both were very attached to each other that I had wished he was really my son. He used to go with me wherever I go. I just can't leave the house without him. I took him to school and have to wait until his class was over, or else, he would be crying the entire class.
It is so amazing how these kids grow up so quickly and how they have learned to live on their own. Due to their quest of getting a job while studying, they are now staying in a boarding house, (away from their family) next to my room. (That was when I was still in the Philippines.) And that gave me the chance to continue on taking care of them. May God bless your studies, Chicks & Chris. I love you both.


Omah's Helping Hands said...

What great looking kids! They were blessed to have you taking care of them Grace. God's perfect will. There is no mistaking it.

Denise said...

Very good looking kids sweetie.

rummuser said...

Grace, it is disgraceful what some low lives will think and say about others. It is common all over the world and the best way to handle that is to completely ignore it and not let it affect you in any way. I am glad to see that you have handled it very well, and the kids are lovely for your attention to them.