Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"CHOOSE DAY" for Tuesdays- Blogspot or Own Domain?

It is "Choose Day" for Tuesdays once again. I would like to beg for your comments and suggestions about these two items: Blogspot or Web Hosting?
It has been a while that I have been thinking of getting a new domain and move this blog there, because I got a lot of advices to do this for many reasons. I was told that one of the advantage of having own domain would be more sponsored posts.
But Iwas told that the disadvantage of moving my blog to a new domain would be losing my Page Ranking and would start to zero again. That could be too hard for me to let go of my PR. I have been working so hard to build it up.
So, what do you suggest, fellow bloggers? What are your experiences related on this? Any input will be highly appreciated.


rummuser said...

Sorry Rose. My blog is for my personal satisfaction and I am not qualified to advise you. I however know that you will do well with another blog. So go for it.

rollyocampo said...

Hi, Grace, I believe the Lord led me to you on this one. I was preparing to make a New post on my Blogger dashboard when your Item came up!

Earth's post based on her own recent experience, Successful Move Out of Blogger, should give you some ideas in making your decision.

Actually, I've been thinking about the same thing too just last night. Feedback mo naman ako kung ano maging decision mo!

Thanks and God bless!

rollyocampo said...

Heto pa pala isang post galing din kay Earth and much recent, How to Choose the Right Web Host.


Denise said...

Praying for you.

Clarissa said...

I hope I can help you with that,but I don't know something bout this things--sorry.But I hope you will do well with your blog.Goodluck for your decision!

Jade said...

Hi Grace,

I have experienced this dilemma too. I know how hard it is to get a PR and all but you will get it back naman. I know this from experience.

I dunno what's your blogging goal but if you are hoping to earn from it - advertisers do like the ones with own domain.

If I can help you with anything, I am just a blog hop away ;)

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Dhemz said...

hello sis...I've been there...now I went back to my blogspot...hehehe...dahil sa PR...ngayon naman I lost my PR again...I think you'd better stay in blogspot...kasi when you change to domain, it is a risk...you will start from scratch, alexa, PR, realrank, basta lahat...hehehe..tapos you need to tell people on your list na nag change ka na nang url...right, you will get more opps pag may sarili kang domain, pero sa situation mo since may PR yung blog mo..madami kapa naman opps na nakukuha eh....so follow your first instinct....good luck!