Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remembering My Engagement Night

It was March 2, 2006, my boyfriend (is my husband now) and I were strolling around the mall. I made an appointmen with Freshaire for my hot oil hair treatment, while my boyfriend, as he had said, will be at Ricky Reyes hair for men. Well, obviously, I consumed more hours than he had with his. So, I thought he might be somewhere else, or might be in Ace Hardware, as that is their favorite store.
After my hair was done, he was already there at the waiting area.
It was already almost 7 o'clock, so he suggested to have dinner in a place that he had planned already. Royal Concourse at Gorordo Avenue. Few minutes later, the food and wine that he ordered arrived. I was about to start it when he said, "Hold it for a while." I wondered why. He stood up, took the small pouch from his jacket and took out a small box from it. He opened the small box and there was the diamond ring. I was so shocked! I really had never expected it to happened on that night. I was totally clueless that He will propose marriage that on that night. Not even a hint. I thought it was just like any ordinary dinner that we always had. He knelt down and asked, "Will you marry me?" I was still speechless that he have to ask me the same question. He was almost worried that I would reject him. Then, finally, I was able to say, "Yes, I will."
I know today is not Valentine's Day. It's not even month of February. But every time I see a diamond ring, I can't help myself but remember that sweet day of our engagement. And talking about diamond engagement rings , Forbes and The New York Times profiled Blue Nile of their diamond and jewelry online service. They have the most exquisite line of diamond engagement rings. They are the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry. Their diamonds have the highest and exceptional quality certified diamonds. There is no other website that you can find that offers the lowest diamond prices for up to 20%- 40% below traditional retail. They also provide guidelines to help consumers informed on jewelry purchase. Blue Nile earns trust from their customers throughout the years in service and providing extensive diamond education from their expertly-trained diamond and jewelry consultants. Visit their website for more interesting information and pictures.


vhingF said...

wow!diamonds my birthstone....
sorry sis I can not drop Ec ,your blog was not compatible in my browser so I open it in google chrome together with some other blogs but I visit you always starting now.


Denise said...

Very sweet.

Danna said...

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