Monday, April 27, 2009

Disrobe Again?

I had my Medical examination for my AOS application this morning. I was so happy that, finally, we were able to start with this. There has been a lot of hindrances why we keep putting this thing aside and one of them was my recent health problem.
I was so happy, too, because as we were on the road, I saw a lot of flowers. Spring Flowers! They're really brightened my day even more. I always love flowers. They're so bright and colorful.
We are thankful that the fee was not more than what we have expected. But there is only one thing that had me totally caught off guard... I didn't know I had to disrobe. (Again?) Yes, the word "again" was on my mind, because during my medical examination in the Philippines for my Visa going here, I had to disrobe, too. But this time, I did not expect that to happened again. It was a female doctor that checked me in the Philippines; while it was a male doctor that checked me this afternoon. Well, it was done... and all I have now is the feeling of shock. Right after the examination, I feel like I am walking around completely naked. (That was exactly the same feeling I had before, too.)


Debbie said...

The disrobing never bothers me. I guess after four kids, I'm not very self-conscious:)

sexy legs and body said...

Disrobing for a guy is not as bad as it is for a lady. But here in S A the doctor leaves the room while the lady gets a chance to put on a loose robe to cover everything before the examination starts.
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Denise said...

Bless your heart, I hate having to do that.

chubskulit said...

Hahaha I feel what you feel sister.. ganyan din ako nung nasa pinas, but at least dyan sa states i dont need to do it.. Fiance visa ka ba?

Lulu said...

disrobing doesn't bother me now, in fact my ob-gyn is a male doctor... anyway... good luck on your aos journey! I am processing my removal of conditions now

Mhel of PA, USA said...

Hello Grace! It's been quite a while for me to do blogging, but I have a come back now. Hehehe... Pregnancy and winter times a few months ago really tires me. So I got to read your blog now and will be also updating my blogsite from now on. I'm interested to hear about your AOS application. Mag-one year pa ako this year. Will also be applying removal of conditional status by next year, Godwilling. Disrobing was uncomfortable for me during the Visa processing in the Philippines. But right now, I'm getting used to it na coz of my Obstetrics check ups and my doctor is a male. Oh well, he's kinda older though so things are well privatized during Doctor's visit. How about you? Hope you still include me in your links. Thanks.