Thursday, April 2, 2009

How Do I Get My Child To Eat Healthy Foods?

One of the most difficult task I had with my boy was to get him to eat foods that are healthy for him. I believe every mother would be so worried if your son eats nothing but chocolate rice and noodle ramen all the time. That was my boy. For years, that had been his favorites. You can’t get him to eat vegetables or any kind of fruits at all. It made me very happy that sometimes he ate fried chicken or eggs with rice, but that doesn't happened too often.
Parenting is really never an easy task. We are not perfect. is a website where parents share their problems, solutions and tips for parenting. I find this website very helpful because I believe that there is no better person that can help worried parents but only those that are experienced ones.


Hada Saltarina said...

Hi Grace!

You know? I think this problem isn't only with children but adults, as well. It is a very difficult task!!! Love

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace, I had the same problem with my two oldest when they were younger and now they eat veggies like crazy! I guess it is never to late to start! Blessings!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.