Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Got Mails!

Yes! I got mails! I always love receiving letters. It made me feel very special and loved as much as I love sending letters, too.
One letter I got from a friend in Ohio that I have never seen yet. It is an Easter Card. Thank you very much, Lynn. I am really looking forward that we will see each other before we move down to Florida. We became friends through a common friend that has passed away. Lynn is so sweet and loving. We exchanged thoughtful emails and she onced called me, too.
The other one is from my mother. We love to write to each other. Even when I was still in the Philippines and stayed in a boarding house, and I got the chance to see her every six month, we still write to each other, too. Right now, there are nights that we talked over Yahoo Messenger using earphone with speaker. I sometimes call her on the phone, too. But letter is something to treasure, too. You can read it as much as you want. I miss you, Mama. I thank God that the letters did not lost its way.


payatot said...

sarap makatanggap ng sulata ano lalo na kung sa isang kaibigan galing di ba? kakamiss naman..

Denise said...

I love getting mail too.

Raft3r said...

writing letters is almost obsolete
kakalungkot ano
di hamak maks maganda basahin yun sulat kamay
kesa email lang

happy weekend, grace!

have a good one

Anonymous said...

there's something really great about finding a real, paper letter in your mailbox. I never get them anymore, though - the only people who send them to me these days is bill collectors! :)


Grace email me please. I lost your email address.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

It is always nice to receive letters and cards from others rather family or friends. That is one downfall of having e-mail available to us now. It's not as personable.