Friday, April 3, 2009

Josephine "The Dreamer"

I like my name, "Grace"; I was told that it was my Aunt Socorro who suggested it. But if I have to change it, I think it should be "Josephine". Did I hear somebody say, "why?". Well, it is because I am born a dreamer just like Joseph in the Old Testament, he was born a dreamer, too. I am the female version of "Joseph the Dreamer".
I started to dream a lot of different strange things when I was 8 years old, and I knew then that it has something to do with my future. I carefully store them on my heart and was curious on what would that mean. Some of them I understood what it meant, while some of them remains a mystery to me. Some of those dreams kept repeated for years until some of them had really served what it meant. In fact, I was only 10 years old when I received the vision that I will live in a strange land.
There are times that my dreams served as a messenger. A lot of times that I dreamt of a certain person that I don't see for quite a while and I knew then that on the following day, she'll come by to visit me. It happened a lot. Or dreams that I was in a place or scenario that I have never been to or never knew that it exist somewhere else and on the following day or two, I was just thrilled that I was in a place or scenario exactly what I had dreamt.
Most of the time, I woke up not remembering what was my dream. There are still a lot of dreams that remains mysteries to me. Some of them I wished will not come true. But of course, that dreams are only a vision. Some of them very clear, while some not. Not everybody is born a dreamer. To some it means the opposite, while to some it means nothing at all. However, it is God who had the final authority. To Him be the glory!


Denise said...

Nice post, I love your name.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Interesting post Grace. I love your name and it fits you well. You are a woman full of grace! Josephine does make a lot of sense, but remember, God gave you you're name. ;)