Monday, April 13, 2009

Long Live, Sili Plant!

Back in 2006, my husband was in the Philippines, he became fond of the "sili". A Sili, also know as Cayenne, is one of the four "power herbs" having a long history and proof of being a very effective medicinal plant. This variety of cayenne, capsicum frutescens, is known as the hottest of all peppers, having a heat level of 9.
He brought some of them when he came back here in Michigan and planted it right away. Just several months after he planted it, he started to reaped some and enjoyed from it very much. It has been three years, and the plant is still alive now. During winter time, he would cut a branch and moved it to a pot and keep it in the guest room. It is spring time now, and soon we will take it out and it will start to bloom and will give us "sili" again. Long Live, Sili Plant!!!


Denise said...

Very nice.

Pastilan said...

I love sili! I can't eat without it :)

Lulu said...

dahonng sili is really good for tinolang manok... sad to say wala ako nyan!