Saturday, April 11, 2009

Organic Kids Apparel

Environmental-friendly fashion apparel for kids? What that’s supposed to mean?
There is an issue about the impact of textile industry on environment. The textile industry is one of the most chemically intensive industries on earth, it produces over 25% of the world’s use of pesticides and 11% of all herbicides. One t-shirt requires an estimated 1/3 pound of agricultural chemicals to just produce the cotton used to make it. Textile production is the leading industrial polluter of water on the planet (second only to agriculture overall). Producing one cotton t-shirt requires about 720 gallons of polluted water. The textile industry generates and consumes an estimated 1.3 million tons of dyes and other synthetic coloring agents per year. Due to cotton's natural resistance to dyes, roughly 50% of the chemicals used as dyes or fixers end up as waste in rivers and soil. This is too bad for comprehension. I know it is not that easy to stop these operations, but hopefully, making everybody aware of this truth will do some positive change for good.
In 2007 and early 2008, the market for sustainable apparel grew at dynamic levels. The first year that the sustainable apparel market became cohesive enough for a global retail sales estimate, it was estimated that the international market had already reached a value of about U.S.$3 billion. Organic fibers and fabrics are a significant part of this market, and offer the strongest framework of certification and standards. Organic apparel market has helped a lot with its revenue.
Green Edge Kids is the largest online boutique dedicated to kids that have consciousness on our environment. Its styles are unique, fashionable, innovative and 100% eco-friendly. Let us help both our environment and our economy by purchasing organic kids clothes . After all, we are the ones that will benefit of its advantages. Check on their website and start picking up clothes for your kids. Don’t forget to pass to your kids the good story behind the clothes they are wearing.


Denise said...

That is such a cute dress.

Lulu said...

wow i never know that there is such thing as organic dress!