Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Should I Get Another Site?

I know a lot of friends who have more than one blog/site. I wonder how they got the time to manage them. I heard that it is advantage to those who like me that accepts sponsored post. It has been a while that the thought of getting own domain obsessed me. But I can’t really decide what to do. Somebody suggest keeping my blog and getting a domain for my second and/or third site. Multiple domain hosting is basically a small reseller web hosting plan which allow you to host additional domains (different web sites) on the same account. From now on, you don't have to buy an additional hosting plan for your next website.
I will need a new site though. In the few weeks to come, I will be launching my online craft store. The good thing is, they educate their customers about website hosting and they give an easy-to-follow instructions, too. Here is an interesting blog post about business website; Is Your Business Website Secure?
If you are planning to get a new hosting service, They have a long list of webhosting provider to choose for. Their customers find the value of their money on their excellent reliable services with their excellent support team.

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rummuser said...

Go for it. Good luck with it too.