Saturday, May 2, 2009

Florida Beach, Here We Come!

Although we have not set a definite date of our moving to Florida, but my husband and I agreed that it should be before summer time. We want to enjoy the summer time by going to the beaches as much as we can. The waters along Florida beaches are generally warm compared to the rest of the US. Surf tends to be higher on the Atlantic coast with relatively little surf on the Gulf coast. Surf temperature is also warmer on the Gulf coast throughout the year. Florida beach sand consistency in the northwest along Pensacola, and Panama City Beach is fine and very white. Beaches along the Atlantic tend to shade towards light beige with a somewhat coarser texture and it is also suitable for driving motor vehicles.
Talking about beach, it leads me to purchasing new bathing suits. has a huge collection of great swimsuits perfect for the fashion diva. Their swimwear collection are madeof high quality materials but amazingly cheaper in prices. I was browsing at all their products and I have my eyes on this, GREEN FLORAL BOW V-NECK HALTER TANKINI TWO-PIECE SWIMWEAR. I always love yellow, especially when it is about under-the-sun activities. This is relatively new to the swimsuit market; a cross between bikinis and one piece swimsuits. Tankinis offer plenty of style options to make nearly anyone look great including to those who are “semi-conservative” like me. Get ready for summer swimming. Pick your choice now.


Denise said...

I love Florida.

Duni said...

Hi Grace!
lucky you to be moving to Florida. We could use some sunshine over here :)
I hope you and your family are well.
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

best wishes,


iWalk said...

Florida, Such a lovely place.
Enjoy your life there, Grace!