Monday, May 11, 2009

For A Smooth Traveling, Use A Luggage That Outstands From The Rest.

There is one thing I learned from travelling; I need a luggage that stands out from other luggage to make it easier for me to recognize my luggage. When we were travelling to Florida, we had 2 big black luggage bags and to my despair, several other luggage looks the same with ours. I tied some colored cords on the handles of the luggage, but somehow it was loosen up.
Village Luggage & Gifts is your source for all your designer luggage , corporate gifts & travel accessories. They carry all the major luggage brands at the lowest prices and with discounts, too! Perfect! We need additional luggage because the luggage that we have will not be enough for all those clothes that we have. They also have the travel accessories such as; passport case, money belt or shave kit, at very low prices. Monogramming is done at no charge and they can imprint company name or logo for corporate gifts. Leather wallets make great gifts for anyone, too.
The image shown is by Briggs &Riley Transcend, 21" Expandable Upright. They have a huge selection of major luggage brands that suited to whatever personality you may have, guaranteed in extreme durability and elegance. Hartmann luggage has been known by its high quality products and leather goods to meet diverse and ever-changing travel needs. The Hartmann customer appreciates stylish design, the finest materials and elegant craftsmanship. Tumi luggage has also been known as the foremost international brand of luxury and business travel, as well as lifestyle accessories since 1975. The Tumi brand has affirmed its dedication to design excellence, technical innovation, and distinguished functionality. While Briggs and Riley luggage collection uses 2520 denier ballistic nylon material that is water repellent and resistant to abrasions and soiling. They utilize a honeycomb memory frame which increases durability while the fiberglass wire provides flexible rigidity for easy packing. Leather wallets make great gifts for anyone, too.


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