Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Future Family Reunion

One of the wishes that I have been holding on is to have a family reunion. My sisters and brother have been scattered around the Philippines. I don't remember when was the last time that all of us were in one place together. To make this happen, it requires a lot of money and to some, it means to sacrifice their work.
At one time, I was at a family reunion of my best friend, Ann. Actually, I was not a guest there, because I was already considered as part of their family for years. It was fun. There were games, presentation of talents, singing and of course, the star of all the party, eating. :) Everybody was really enjoying. We were just savoring the sweet moment of being united for that purpose. It was purely joy to every one.
Although my family is not that big, I believe it would still be fun to have a family reunion and I believe that it will happen to us someday. I will hold on to that. Would it be wrong if I say that I am already excited about that?


ROSSEL said...

Family reunion is always fun. It's just normal for you to be excited. It's not impossible to happen anyway. I'll pray for your wish to be granted soon.

Denise said...

Family reunions are nice.