Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Love Gardening!

I am so excited about tomorrow because my mom-in-law will take the day off for a special reason, we will be planting the flowers and while my dad-in-law will be planting the vegetables. I had never done this before and that is why I am so looking forward to this activity. We got a big lawn and parts of it are the vegetable garden and flower garden.
My dad-in-law is fond of gardening. He could spend a whole day tending the garden. I wanted to try the lawn mower, but honestly, I’m a bit scared that I might fall and will mess up with its blade. My dad-in-law has all the garden equipments that he could possibly need such as motorized lawn mower, tractor and its attachments.
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Sassychick said...

Hi Grace!...we have a small garden too...(hubby and I) in our 40 acre farm...I planted some sweet potatoes,potatoes, eggplants,peppers and a lot of flowers too...both in our city house and in our's really a fun thing to should try driving the riding lawn's fun also...hehe...

Denise said...

Gardens are awesome.