Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie Night With Blockbuster

Every weekend night is our movie night. We used to rent six to eight DVD's and it always end up late in returning the DVD's on time and for a lot of times we have encountered late fees. We have been trying almost every online movie rental.

We heard from a friend about the BLOCKBUSTER online advantage. They have personally testified that they are happy with the Blockbuster service and Blockbuster has been able to provide them the movie much faster than the other movie rental services that they had used to, and that they had quickly responded to any problem that they had encountered.

BLOCKBUSTER offers new releases and classic DVD’s both online and in store. The good thing is, BLOCKBUSTER does not charge extra for Blu-ray Discs like others do. This means savings... and the more saving we got, the more movie we can get. Some exceptional features with their service includes movie critic reviews, 75,000 movie titles and after a free trial membership for a cheaper plan. Blockbuster Online is known as one of the largest rental movie collections around.

My husband had decided to switch to Blockbuster. Although we do not have a Blockbuster store in our area, but the good thing is that they have "mail-only" service, and it will make our renting habit a lot easier then. With all the BLOCKBUSTER Total Access plans, we can just return DVDs by mail (up to plan limits per billing month). BLOCKBUSTER By Mail will work perfect for us.



Denise said...

I love blockbuster.

Anonymous said...

I love movies!