Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moving Is Easier With "Moving Day Boxes"

The thought of moving down to Florida is exciting, but the thought of packing up our things starts giving me stress. The good thing is that we don’t have to bring all our things because we will still be coming back here after the winter, and the place that we will be temporarily moving to is fully-furnished. I realized that my life has been in constant transient for the past few years. It doesn’t bother me because I love moving around and see new places. I think I should start planning for the packing soon to minimize pressures.
I am mighty glad that I found this site,; they are the source of premium quality moving boxes and moving supplies such as bubble wrap, moving blanket, moving tape and packing paper. They care enough to acknowledge that what we need the boxes for are the things that are valuable for us, and that is why they make sure that the size and load capacity of their moving boxes would be beneficial for us. Their boxes for moving are industry standard 32 Edge Crush Test with 200 pounds test strength. Their wardrobe boxes are perfect for those very special wardrobes that you don’t want to fold. They are very sturdy and are larger. The size is 24x24x40, a double-strength portable closet; reusable and great for storing seasonal clothes such as winter sweaters, party dresses and minks. Each wardrobe box comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar, too.
Their products are guaranteed to have best price than you can ever find somewhere else and free shipping on all orders. I am so happy with how other business made our life easier.


Debbie said...

You are so wise to get good quality boxes.

Anonymous said...

This Moving Day Boxes guy is a self promoting idiot!

Denise said...

Awesome boxes.

Anonymous said...

Whenever we move we end up purging and throwing out/donating so much stuff and I think 'why did we have all this junk??'

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe these goofballs get excited about boxes?
Get a Life Matt