Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Music Therapy

Music therapy is one of the best outlets there is for stress and aggression. My husband and his son were having fun last Saturday. They were playing several songs with my husband on drums while his son on guitar. His Son, Ean is pretty talented. He played harmonica while playing guitar at the same time. Both of them are quite good on what they were doing. I was really amazed and entertained while I was sitting on the left side of my husband, listening to both of them. It was their kind of bonding with each other. They used to do this every Friday, (it was the first time that I was there) but lately, both of them had been extremely busy on each their own businesses.
The musical work of making music releases pent-up energy and emotions. Plus, it improves heart rate, blood pressure and the ability to sleep soundly- all which lessen the demands on your heart.
Your neighbor may not love your music, but your heart certainly will. Go on. Beat a drum. Blow a horn.


Denise said...

I love music.

Hada Saltarina said...

HI Grace!

Music works miracles!

Thank you very much for your words in my blog; you are really nice! I want to tell you one thing: under my photo there is a Google Translator. You can choose English, and in this way you can read my texts in English. Of course it is not an excellent translation, but it is enough to understand what is all about. I forgot to put this translation in a place easy to locate and you remind me to do it. Thank

I hope your husband is well now, thank God.

Have a wonderful weekeend. Love