Friday, May 22, 2009

Working Through Remote Support Solution

It is very hard to be a working single mom. My niece is. She is the head in the Human Resource Department of prestigious company, and her work is filled with pressures and way too high expectations that made her render extra time working to meet the deadline. At the same time, her baby is growing and needs her attention and personal care, too. That is why the president of their company had to find ways so that none of her two big responsibilities will be neglected. With laptop, internet access and remote support software, her work became less stressful, and the good thing is, she can spend time with her baby, too.
Through PROXY Pro 6, it allows her to operate her work from her home. PROXY Pro 6 is the latest version of remote support software solutions. They work best for help desk technicians, network administrators and IT managers, too. It accesses your office computer to your home, connects to your desktop, e-mail and files securely from your home, hotel or to any internet cafe. The emphasis on this remote desktop software is on functionality and security.
PROXY Pro 6 is a three-in-one software solution for remote support and they are;
*remote access- enables you to reach remote machines at anytime and anywhere.
*remote control- enables you to investigate, give instructions and resolve support issues collaboratively with end-users
*remote management –enables you to monitor, manage and remediate configuration issues in real time in less time and money in any location where system administration is needed.

PROXY Pro 6 include hardware and software inventory reporting, business oriented, real-time monitoring, alerts, and enhanced, state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption security, it is the highest in its class. Through PROXY Pro 6 you can perform a wide range of tasks and increase the productivity of your helpdesk resources. They are the choice of the thousands of helpdesk, IT administrators, servers and mobile computers around the world. Upgrade your software today and get the professional features you need to enables you to handle more support calls faster. For free trial, visit their website.


payatot said...

ang gaing talaga ng nagagawa ng net sa atin ano? buti na lang meron nito dahil kung wala di ko maimagine kung paano ang buhay dahil sa bilis na pag usad ng sibilisasyon sa ngayon

Denise said...

Hope you are doing well sweetie.

Anonymous said...

grace na a ko request nimo ang banner sa live2care. pwede change nimo ang tag niya na alt="Philippines call center" kay ang naka butang karon ay inbound and outbound services.

then just inform me if due nako