Monday, June 8, 2009

An Extra Helping Hand

One of the things that amazed me here in USA is the independence of the old men and women. I saw a lot of them driving a car and going to grocery store all by themselves. That is something that I can’t find back there in my country. And not just that, some old men or women here in USA is living in the house all by themselves, too. I can’t help but worry and wonder what if something bad will happen to them, like when they fell on the floor or probably, they encounter hard breathing and there is nobody else in the house to help them. I would say that they really need to have somebody live with them.
I learned from a friend that “being alone” in the house was really their own choice to be independent and of course, their children are respecting their decision. And I also learned that with the assistance of “Life Alert” , the only medical device alert provider to offer fall detection, they are getting the extra helping hand that they need. “Life Alert” has a fall detection that alerts emergency personnel that something is wrong, so bad that they can’t even push a button. There is also a monitored smoke detector, and a big help button, that if someone falls on the ground in the bathroom, they will send help right away no matter where in the world the location is. It also has a medication reminders and inactivity detector for more convenience and help.
Now that I understand about this “Life Alert”, I don’t worry so much anymore about these old people living alone in the house because "Life Alert" cares.

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Denise said...

Sounds very helpful.