Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Bye, Michael J.

While we were having dinner at the Italian fastfood this afternoon, a cellphone call informed my husband that Michael Jackson just died. He turned to me and break the news. He said he was so sad because he used to like him very much. He said it reminded him of Elvis Presley, died at the age of 40+, and some of his other "used-to-be" favorite artist that died around 40+, too. He wondered why. He looked at me and asked why I didn't look surprised.
Why? I replied to him that we all know that Michael had been sick for a while, and that was why I was not surprised at all. And about his wonderings on why his "used-to-be" favorite artists died at early age, obviously, there was only one common factor, and it was because they had greatly abused their body. There is no mystery or whatsoever with that death. It was plain self-abused.
Anyway, I admit, I used to like Michael Jackson, too. I used to love his song such as Ben, Happy and some of those good songs that I forgot the titles. Obviously, he had made millions of people happy with his songs. I just hope that somebody else had shared the good news of salvation to him and has accepted Jesus as his personal savior and Lord.


Anonymous said...

They dont care about us.

Denise said...

So tragic.