Monday, June 22, 2009

I Want To See Singapore

I am very happy because the guy who took care of my AOS (Adjustment of Status) e-mailed us and told us that by the third week after he filed my papers, I will receive a notice, stating that my papers will be on process. AOS or what is popularly called the Green Card is very important to me. It will enable me to go back to the Philippines to visit my family and friends. It will enable me to go to other countries, too, such as Canada, Carribean, Europe and to some Asian Countries. I would love to go to Canada to see the Niagara Falls, while my husband wants to take me to Carribean Islands for holidays.
Talking about traveling to another country, I specifically want to see the country of Singapore. There is something in that city that really attracts me; must be its popularity of their famous infrastructure and awesome sights and its booming industry. We were considering the thought of going there on our way back from visiting Philippines. I am looking for a place to stay and found this Hotel Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen for only US$ 76.90 a night. It is the first international economy hotel in Singapore and is located in the business, cultural centre and is close to most Singapore attractions. The spice-scentred streets of "Little India", the Orchard Road shopping districts are just walking distant away from the hotel. Its modern rooms feature high ceilings and large bay windows. Hotel Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen has wifi wireless internet access in every room. That would made it convenient for me; and the other convenience is that they have hair dryer in every bathroom. That is how every hotel room should be, so that travelers don't have to bring with them the hair dryer. Their restaurant "It's all about TASTE" has 20 typical local dishes. They reinvent tapas and they combine the flavors. We definitely would like to try their restaurant if we got the chance to get there.
Talking about fantastic hotels, Accor Hotels can make your dream vacation come true in the Asian Pacific. When you book on-line between 23rd - 29th of June for stays between 10th of July and 30th of September this year, travelers can take advantage of savings of up to 60%. Visit their website now.


Lulu said...

I am hoping that your AOS will have a speedy process... with the fee that we have to pay, it is but fair for them to do it fast! I wish my Removal will be approved soon too... I am ready for Naturalization para no more hassles

Rossel said...

Goodluck Grace. I know you can have your AOS soon.

Denise said...

Praying for you.

T T Tan said...

Hi Grace,
really hope you can visit Singapore. Hotel Ibis is brand new and is barely in operation about a are very updated indeed.
Good luck to your AOS!