Monday, June 1, 2009

Problem Going To College? Get A Student Loans

There will going to be another graduation (the last one, I think) among the member of our family, and it is of Sarah, my husband’s niece. It will be this Sunday. Her parents came to the house the other day to personally invite us to come to the party. I like Sarah very much. She is sweet and beautiful. And… she was the one taking the charge of photography during my wedding day.
Her parents were talking about a lot of options for her college such as scholarship, student financial aid and student loans. Practically speaking, it is really very hard nowadays to go to college. In fact, I know two different persons that went to college; one was working a part-time job to finance her studies. She admitted that it was very difficult in that way because she can’t concentrate on both her studies and work, and the worst thing was, it has affected her grades as well. Very contrary to other one, she took student loans, and she had nothing to worry from the start and all the way to her graduation. All she had to do was to study hard.
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