Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Minus Mosquito = Fun

We are still here in Florida now. We have good time in here. Only one thing that I don't like being here in Florida, MOSQUITOS. I hate them. We had fun swimming at the pool, while making some pork barbeque, but part of that happy story was the disappointing attack of mosquitos. They were ruining our happiness. It is so sad that because of the mosquitos, we can't take full advantage of being outside or doing some outdoor activities.
A neighbor was suggesting about this wonder “Mosquito Magnet”. It is a scientifically proven mosquito control solution in the marketplace. Many users testified its effectiveness and that it had saved their summers from being a boring one. A certain family could not even go out and play with their beautiful cedar play set without being distracted and bitten by mosquito all the time. After using Mosquito Magnet for a week, they check the trap and it was nearly full, and they saw dramatic results! They were able to go out at dusk, in 80 degree heat and humidity and see only two mosquitoes! UNBELIEVABLE!! They are now able to eat outside, play outside and just enjoy their yard.
Now that I know this best way to get rid of the mosquitoes, there will be nothing that can hinders us from having an outdoor activities. And above all, we will be free from worrying about the health problem that mosquito carry such as the West Nile virus, dengue fever and many more. I hope that more and more people will find this wonderful mosquito traps for fun and safe summer.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to be in Florida! I bet you are having a wonderful time in spite of the mosquitoes! I don't like them either, and I hope you have a wonderful time in spite of the little pest.


Denise said...

I hate mosquitoes.

Cebuanong Hilaw said...

At least you are not different from Philippine setting ha ha ha