Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Waste Recycling To Preserve The Earth

One of the things that really impressed me when I get here in US is the cleanliness on the streets. In our location, the schedule for garbage pick-up is on every Tuesday. It means that Monday night, or very early Tuesday, we need to take the garbage bags and bins down to the street for pick up. But I believe that we are not supposed to throw away everything that we don’t need.
Have you heard about Veolia Environment Services? It is Australia’s environmental services leader in all facets of waste management and resource recovery, as well as Industrial services such as Industrial Cleaning and Facilities Management. This was formerly the Collex waste management service , and has over 30 years industry experience in implementing effective, innovative, sustainable Waste Management and Industrial Services solutions, and they are 100% focused on satisfying the community’s essential daily needs in order to improve the living environment.
This is a great ways for businesses who wish to operate a recycling service; this can include removal of recyclable materials which are source separated on site, or offering a complete sorting service for your business. Your waste can turned into something very useful. For any household or commercial business, check on skip for hire Australia , solutions across a wide range of dry and solid waste streams, such as; paper & cardboard, plastics, furniture, batteries, electronic waste, electric equipment and many more. Visit their website for more information.


ROSSEL said...

You're right, we should love Mother Earth for this is our only home This is a good site. Thanks for sharing.

Mari said...

Yes, we should take care of our planet for the next generation to enjoy it. Recycling our waste is one way of preserving it.

Denise said...

So true.

Monty said...

Free online resource for finding local recycling centers