Saturday, June 6, 2009

What Are Medical Electrodes?

A little over one month ago, my husband was admitted in the hospital. I was so worried looking at him with all those several cords that were hooked on him. Both my mom-in-law and my sister-in-law are working in a hospital and they explained to me the medical terms, stuff and some other medical stuff to inform me of my husband’s condition and to help my fears subside. My husband was under sedation for two days but I was talking to him believing he can hear me.
Talking about medical stuff; let me share you something what I have found. The “robotic-like-effect” that are hook up on the patient’s head are called the medical corkscrew electrodes . They sure look scary to me. These are use in operating room during surgery for monitoring. If you are a doctor or an anesthesiologist you may get interested on this site, They can provide you a list of the most trusted suppliers of corkscrew electrodes . They provide video in their site to help you better understand the product. can also help you find the single use medical electrodes that come in package of 6 different colors and the lowest price corkscrew electrodes in the market.

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