Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Berry Bonanza by iVillage

Let me share something cool to you that I found online; iVillage.com. It is about women’s health, wellness, food and beauty with a great deal of information on a plethora of topics. I like this personally because I am into trying new foods and the foods they featured really look so delicious, healthy and very easy to prepare. The foods they featured are made up of affordable ingredients and can able to feed a family of at least 4.
Ariane Duarte, a working mother and a top chef contestant teams up with iVillage for some simple and inexpensive summer recipes in several of the videos. One of the recipes that I found and like is this Berry Bonanza. It is very timely because our berries are ready to pick up anytime. This is a healthy snack. I will definitely try this one. Other than that, they have several inexpensive recipes for mouth-watering steak dinners that it will feel like you are dining out.
You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here . If you are a parent, I am so sure that you will like this website. They have a lot more in store than what I have mentioned such as craft videos and thoughtful gift ideas that would surely be very helpful both for mom and the bored kids. Visit their site now and enjoy learning something new.

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Denise said...

Sounds like a great site.