Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cord Blood, The "Miracle Carrier"

We all know that we are in a generation where almost everything is either computerized or high-technology base. But I believe that not everybody knows about the wonder of the science of medicine and one of them is about the cord blood banking. Actually, according to the statistics, 1 out of 3 pregnant women never learn about cord blood banking. And it is so sad, because the baby’s cord blood could be used to help in so many ways. While 84% of patients expect their healthcare to provide to answer about cord blood banking , but only 14% are educated by their healthcare provide about this matter. These stats are from the Journal of Reproductive Medicine. The American Hospital Association Society is encouraging every expectant mother to consider the “nature’s miracle”, the storing of cord blood.
If you are pregnant or if anybody you know that is pregnant and is not aware about this, I suggest that you visit the website of Cryo-Cell for more information and access to resources that will give a life-changing effect in the future for your family. Spread this “good news” to everybody. Check for their Cryr-Cell selection criteria to answer questions that might be on your mind right now.
If you have seen the movie “My Sister’s Keeper”, you understood the importance of banking cord blood. It could be used to treat the child’s brothers or sisters serious disease or health problem such as leukemia and other more than 75 diseases right now . Having a “good match” is rare from outside the family, and being a sibling has 25% chance of becoming an exact match. There are a whole bunches to say about this very helpful matter, but I would rather lead you to their site to learn more about this Cord blood transplant , It is best to hear about it from the first hand.


Anonymous said...

it's a miracle of science. sana in the future pati cancer din magamot na with cord blood.

thanks Grace for always dropping by. it's very much appreciated.

Abdul Cholik said...

Grace,thanks for the useful article.I think all women should know this matter very well.

Denise said...

Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

That is called great information.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks a lot !!!