Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Domino has played the biggest part in the love story of my husband and I. It was in Yahoo! Domino when we first met. We were playing domino, after a short while we started talking at the same time, too; that leads to arranging on playing regular. Thus, lead us to know each other more and more.
Domino plays as the important part in my husband’s tradition, too. Every time we have a company, time should be set aside for domino playing. It was not the kind that I used to play back in the Philippines, but they taught me how and became part of them then. And guess what, they were amazed at how good I am on it. In fact, we always end up being myself the winner. Shock!
If you are a domino champ, too, let me share to you a site where you can play online domino; . It is always free to play in that site. Two players, four players and tournament games are available in that site. It is a legal web site operating on the subscription-based model. DominoChamp offers unique game play and features; the newest is called “Player Taunts" that lets one player send a "taunt" to another player in the form of a kiss, a bomb or a crying baby. More than half of our players are women. Watch out for the launching of DominoChamp on TV show that will air nationwide. DC players can win spots on the show to play against each other and celebrity guests on nationwide TV. For more interesting information about this, visit their site.


Mark said...

A great game and nice story, thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Thanks for the great granddaddy taught me how to play dominoes when I was just a little girl....

Denise said...

I love playing dominos.