Saturday, July 18, 2009

Driving Up North

There are many things I want to do there in Michigan before I want to leave here and move down there in Florida, and one of them is to go up north; to Mackinaw Island. I sure hope to God that we can do that. I heard a lot about it from my mother-in-law that made it become more interesting to me. Going and driving around to places I had not been is more fun for me than going to live bands which my husband enjoyed very much.
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Denise said...

That is a nice car.

Anne L.B. said...

Grace, I hope you make it "up north." The Upper Peninsula is another land and nothing like southern Michigan. You really haven't seen Michigan until you've been up north.

So nice to see you on my blog. I hope you'll be back. You're a beautiful servant of Jesus.