Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lap Band Surgery + Personal Attention

On my previous post, I was talking about the wedding that happened this day. The bride was worried about her gown; she said that she had gained more inches on her waistline after she ordered online the gown from China. But when she has her gown on, I had observed that it wasn’t bad at all. Also, she doesn’t need to sit down, so it was all right. And yeah, right after the ceremony, she went to change her gown right away for her to be able to move around.
I heard from one of the guests suggested a lap band. And speaking about lap-band, let me share to you the site of Dr. Richard Collier, He is a lap band doctor , who provides the premier and comprehensive lap-band weight loss surgery program in some Texas areas. He is known as a successful surgeon in this field with a highly praised team program approach for patients following their surgery. Each patient receives Dr. Collier's personal attention every office visit before and after surgery, including nutritional counseling, psychological guidance and behavioral modification. Check his website for more information.


Anonymous said...

Fat collection is the reason for more inches around waistline but till good doctors such as Dr. Richard is present one should not worry. Thankyou for the informative post.
Thanks a lot !

Denise said...

Wish I could lose weight.

Debbie said...

I am sad for her that she felt she had to change immediately.

ceuceusovi said...

hi.. I am Sovi. My last post told about Bomb in Jakarta, Indonesia. All Indonesian people felt sorry on this tragedy. We want to say our condolence.. Terrorist is more cruel than devil..!!!

about your post.. I just want to say that if we want make our body slim, let do it by safety and healthy way..