Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let Us Make Our Home Safe For Little Kids

Having little kids to visit in our house was a kind of stressful for us because of safety. This morning, our grandkids were here for a visit because their mom has to work. It was a pleasure and fun having them in our house, their laughter and shouts were music to our ears, but at the same time, it was a bit stressful because I have to make sure that I know what they were doing. Their safety was our main concern. The kids just loved going up and down the stairs, touching everything including electric outlets, going outside or playing the TV remote control. At the end of the day, both my husband and I were exhausted.
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We don’t have to have babies in our house to have this kid’s safety stuff in our house. We want to welcome our grandkids or other people’s little kids in our house without worrying their safety. Let us make our home safer for kids and giving peace of mind to the parents.


Denise said...

Excellent post.

Robert said...

Thanks for an interesting site, Grace. I appreciate your comment, "There's nothing more fulfilling than doing what God wants us to do." Missionary and author Elizabeth Elliot once said: "I have only one thing to do today--the will of God."

And with reference to your name, did you know that today is the anniversary of the birth of John Newton, author of "Amazing Grace"? You can learn more about him on my blog.