Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Operation Aborted!

Does anybody has the same problem that I had? I was not able to open my blog, but I have no problem making post, it was only that every time I want to view my blog, this box always appeared. The only way I can view my blog was when I used Mozilla Firefox. And it goes on for almost two months. I just didn't know what to to, and I thought it was only temporary.
But during my blog visiting last night, I happened to be in Kristie's Haven and she posted about this same problem. There she shared that she found the solution and it has to do with the "Followers Element". And that is why if you have noticed, I have removed my "Follower's Element". And Kristie was right, I never had problem viewing my blog since then. Actually, I found out that I can put it back anytime I want... intact and complete.
I need to do this because I have observed that the problem has caused dramatic decline on my blog statistic which is very important to me since I am doing sponsored post. Perhaps, there are some who were trying to visit my blog and were unable to get in. Anyway, I had never heard anybody complaining though. But I want to give this a try, for the sake of my sponsors and so that I can still be able to get more task.


Denise said...

Thanks for the information.

Marsha said...

You know, I've noticed that the blogs with the most followers are the hardest to open... Beth from NC's I labor for a long time to view, several others.

I've toyed with discontinuing the button myself, mainly because I struggle with the following concept...it sometimes feels like a competition and I don't look at myself as in competition with anyone.

Any suggestions?